Friday, October 30, 2009

Trader Joe's Orange Glazed Chicken

After eating about a million bags of Trader Joe's Tempura Chicken, I decided it was time to branch out. On my next visit to the store, I picked up their Orange Glazed Chicken($5.99) instead. When I got home and opened the bag, I was surprised by how little it was filled up. It's really only enough for two servings, which it did say on the back, but I was deceived by the large bag size. Luckily, a friend was over so I just decided to make the whole thing. Start to finish, the meal took 7 minutes to cook. I started by running hot water over the sauce, and boiling the water for rice. Then I heated up the oil for the vegetable chicken mixture and poured everything in. The rice took about twice as long to cook than the package stated (3-4 mins) and I kept having to add more water. The vegetable chicken mixture cooked in the the stated time (5-6 mins), but about halfway through I added 2 tbs of water because the vegetables were looking limp. I also added 2 tsps Madras curry to the rice for a little extra flavor, heated up the sauce and cashews, and was ready to eat! I have to say, I was pretty impressed. the vegetables were crisp and fresh, the rice was cooked quite nicely, and the chicken didn't taste frozen at all. My only complaint was that the sauce was a little bit too thick, but it more than likely would have thinned out with a little bit more cooking time. Overall, the meal was awesome-and came out to be about $3 per serving. Not bad! I'm definitely going to try this out again.

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