Saturday, November 14, 2009


In another addition of my brunch quest, I decided to try out Patios in Little Italy. Patois is a French cafe with a 12.95 brunch special that comes with unlimited coffee,soda, mimosas, and virgin bloody mary's. In short, it's an absolute steal! We arrived at 2:00pm, and were seated immediately in a table in the corner.

Our waiter brought us our water pretty quickly, but after we ordered our food and drinks it took well over 15 minutes for the drinks to come, which I'm sure is a not so sneaky tactic to limit how much people take advantage of the unlimited deal. I ordered the Grilled Hanger Steak sandwich, which came with a side salad and onion rings. One of my friends ordered the Gruyere Mac n' Cheese, while the other ordered the Potatoe Pancake with chive scrambled egg and smoked salmon. In the additional 30 minutes it took for our food to come, we were not approached once by our waiter. We actually had to wave him down (which I feel SO rude doing) to get water and drink refills. Our food finally came at the same time as the bread, and everything looked absolutely delicious.

My Grilled Hanger Steak sandwich was pretty good, but the meat was a little bit tough, and there wasn't enough of the steak sauce on the bread. I ended up adding some of my mixed greens, and the dressing on that made the sandwich taste tons better. The onion rings were good, but not as greasy as I like them (ha!).

The Gruyere Mac n' Cheese was awesome! The cheese was thick and super gooey, which I love.

The real star of the meal were the potato pancakes though. The pancake was savory and crisp, the salmon was fresh and smokey, and the eggs had the perfect amount of chives in them. A totally perfect meal!

We finished our meal, but were still not approached by our waiter. After about 15 minutes, I got up and found our waiter so that we could get our check, to find that there was an automatic 20% tip included, which was irritating because the service was so awful. We paid immediately though, and waited another 15 minutes before I got up again to find our waiter to ask about our change. His reply? " Oh it was only a couple of dollars." Only a couple of dollars? We had already given him a 20% tip for some of the worst service I have had yet in New York, and he thought it was ok to keep the $4 from our change? The meal was awesome, but bad service like this makes me not want to go back. And the search continues!
Address:177 Mulberry St, New York 10013
(212) 925-8157 Average Price: 12.95 for brunch
Grade: A for food, F for service.

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