Sunday, November 15, 2009


This weekend my roommate and I had a delightful guest in town, who happened to be gluten free. This posed a somewhat interesting eating challenge for us, as not many affordable restaurants in New York city have gotten on the gluten free bandwagon yet. After some heavy menupages perusing, we turned up Mozzarelli's, which claimed to have the best gluten free pizza in the city. The interior wasn't anything fancy, it looked just like any other quick cafeteria style pizza place. However, they had just as much gluten free pizza as regular pizza which is definitely unusual. Our gluten free friend Sarah ordered a slice of the gluten free cheese ($4), and a slice of the gluten free veggie($4), which had mushrooms and spinach on it.

I ordered the regular pizza with pumpernickle dough, spinach,mozzarella and ricotta on it($2.50). My slice was delicious, even though it was a bit underheated. It was absolutely loaded with mozarella, and heaped with ricotta and spinach, which I love! The dough was sweet and soft, definitely a welcomed change from typical pizza dough!

Now I usually hate gluten free bread, but I must admit that Mozarelli's gluten free pizza was almost as good as the real thing! The dough was slightly chewier, but the heavy toppings definitely eliminate any strange taste it may have had. If you're gluten free, or even if you're not, Mozarelli's is definitely a good go to for pizza!
Address: 38 E 23rd St, New York 10010
(212) 475-6777
Average Price: $2.50-$4

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