Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grand Morelos Diner and Bakery

After hearing about Grand Morelos from numerous people in my neighborhood, I decided to order in from them on a rainy evening. I ordered the Spicy Pork Torta ($5.50) and a side of rice and beans ($2.00). My food arrived in under half an hour, and I dug in right away! I was surprised by how enormous both dishes were-especially the rice and beans.

The rice and beans were great, which I never really expect. The rice was seasoned with tomato and the beans with a tangy cheese. I saved most of it for later, and moved and moved on to the Torta. It was my fault for not starting with the sandwich, but the bread was pretty soggy which kind of ruined the whole deal.

There was a ton of meat-which was really well seasoned, and quite a bit of cheese (aka my favorite thing). The only thing aside from the bread which was off (which was again my fault) was the pickled jalapenos, which were too tangy and just plain strange tasting. I know if I had eaten the sandwich first (and picked off the jalapenos) it would have been really great though, so I will definitely be coming back here.
727 Grand Street Brooklyn NY 11211
718 218 9441
Average Price: $6
Grade: B+

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